International Conference on Space Technology


The proliferation of micro-satellites has made space affordable and accessible to many people. Space technology, therefore, spans a broad area of research and development, from electronic components for satellites to intelligent systems for on-board data analysis. Most of the satellites face the Earth rather than the outer space. From home electricity meter readings to disaster monitoring, surveillance and crop forecast, satellites play a very important role in our daily lives. It has also become increasingly important for signal/image processing researchers and intelligent systems to consider the whole pipeline of data collection, data processing, and conclusions drawing rather than try to solve individual problems in isolation. For example, there is no point in developing intelligent robotic systems to operate on-board a satellite if these systems rely on resources well beyond what one can place on a satellite; and there is little purpose to developing intelligent systems for early fire detection from space if the orbit of the satellite is not designed to allow frequent coverage of the monitored area.

The ICST is designed to bring together people who work on different aspects of space technology research to facilitate and enhance the interactions along this chain of activity.

Conference details coming soon!