Projects: GSA-HSA

GSA supports and facilitates international projects and collaborations with space agencies around the globe while supporting local industries.

GSA is currently engaged in establishing an international information processing centre, to be operated by a multi-national industry-government body, complete with cutting-edge technology, a highly skilled team of remote sensing researchers and the expertise of leading academic institutions and companies from around the world. The Multi-Sensor Information processing Centre (MSIC) will be designed to satisfy the needs of various end users, including governments and the private sector. Cost-effective, precise, timely satellite data is in high demand by a multitude of markets, anything from urban planning, environmental monitoring, agriculture, oil and gas industry, and infrastructure mapping, to intelligence, emergency response planning, and visual simulation.

Multiple companies, other space agencies and companies will offer satellite data, tools, and applications that are approved by the MSIC board, and serve only the applications that fall within the mandate of GSA.

GSA welcomes the scientific communities of Greece and worldwide to actively participate in the development of MSIC. For additional information, please contact us.

Projects Eligible for GSA Support

Only multi-national studies featuring scientists from different national space agencies, industry, universities and government labs qualify for GSA support. A project is considered multinational if participants from 4 or more countries, including Greece, are engaged. The project must fit under GSA’s mandate and illustrate clear benefits for both the project participants and around the globe.

Call for Proposals

GSA holds an annual call for proposal. Expressions of interest are reviewed by the GSA board, with only the most viable mission/project concepts chosen. GSA assists the selected proponents to receive the required financing, either wholly or partially, depending on project’s nature and scope.